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Certificate in promoting gender responsive institutions and programmes for sustainable development goals (SDGS) attainment

This is a course meant to support practical gender mainstreaming in all types of organisations towards the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It promotes an understanding of how gender impacts on policy and practice in the workplace and in programmes. The course will introduce participants to a set of instruments to enhance mainstreaming of gender at policy, organizational and programme levels. Through this course, offered by a team of gender experts who have worked with various international development agencies such as DFID, EU, UN agencies, CIDA, Sida, amongst others, there will be an increased understanding of gender mainstreaming as a strategy to achieve gender equality and SDGs; an awareness of the challenges to gender mainstreaming and an effort to build competency to address the identified challenges; and strengthening of the capacity of participants to practically apply gender mainstreaming effectively in their organizations or institutions.

Course content

1. Gender and gender related concepts
2. Relevant International Frameworks and Instruments 
3. Internal and External Gender Mainstreaming

  • Gender Mainstreaming in programmes and project cycles

4. Gender analysis and Gender Analysis methodology, approaches and tools
5. Participatory Gender audits and Audit Tools

  • Tools for detecting and mapping discrimination at work and in programmes
  • Strategies for promoting inclusiveness

6. Practical steps to developing a Gender Policy
7. Practical steps to developing a Gender Strategy
8. Tracking progress in gender: the Gender Score card methodology
9. Gender Based Violence and GBV recording, monitoring and reporting
10. Gender Responsive Budgeting
11. Researching on gender

  • Key considerations for Gender baseline surveys
  • How to plan, prepare, design, conduct and manage a gender responsive evaluation
  • How to report and communicate gender responsive evaluation results

Target Group:
This course targets tertiary level students, researchers, academics, consultants, people working for donor organisations, government, private sector, civil society organisations, those working in CBOs, NGOs and all development practitioners who work for the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals.

Course duration and Learning models: 
This is a three months course run during weekends and evenings. The course is also run as a block in one full week. This course can also be customised and offered to individual organisations per request.

$100/month which can be paid in 3 instalments. Participants should at least pay a third of the fees to be able to register.

Closing date for registration is the 31 August 2017 and lectures begin on the 4th of September, 2017
N.B The ZEGU Gender experts also offer services in development of organisational Gender policies and Gender Strategies. 

For Registration and Further enquiries please contact:
Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University Harare Teaching and Learning Centre
+263 271 6010/ +263 8677006136-8/ +263 772 697 040