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Diploma in Microfinance Management

The Diploma in Microfinance Management provides a broad based, practical introduction to the key ideas, techniques and skills needed to be a micro-finance practitioner. The program is ideally suited to the needs and aspirations of those who are new to micro-finance, and those who need a wider understanding of the sector’s operations. The program is flexible and allows students to fit their studies around their work and social commitments. The program duration is two semesters; and shall be offered on block release and evening/weekend class bases.


•     5 ‘O’ Levels including English language and Mathematics


Holders of the Diploma in Microfinance Management can pursue any of the following careers:
  • Loan Officers
  • Microfinance managers for Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) /Banks/ Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies (SACCOs) or cooperatives,
  • Microfinance sector policy makers
  • Microfinance officers for donor agencies
  • Directors or board members of MFIs,
  • Microfinance technocrats



CMF 501          Introduction to Microfinance: Trends, Methodologies and Best Practices
CMF 502          Business Planning for MFIs  
CMF 503          Risk Management for MFIs   
CMF 504          Accounting Principles for MFIs          
CMF 505          Operational and Portfolio Management        


CMF 506          Digital Finance for MFIs        
CMF 507          Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice         
CMF 508          Information Systems for MFIs
CMF 509          Financial Inclusion, Rural and Agriculture Finance           
CMF 510          Business Development in Microfinance        
CMF 511          Risk Management in Agriculture Finance  

Plus, one optional course per semester chosen from the courses below:
CMF 512          SME Finance 
CMF 513          Internal Control and Fraud Prevention          
CMF 514          Interest Rates Setting in MFIs           
CMF 515          Financial and Social Performance Monitoring in MFIs         
CMF 516          Research and Development in MFIs