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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I do with a major in Religious Studies?

By studying religion, you can tailor your educational experience at ZEGU to fit your own future career path. In fact, the study of religion can be combined in innovative ways with a whole range of diverse careers. Areas in which a specialization in religion will help you stand out include Non-profit Organizations, Law, Journalism, International Business, Psychology, Social Work, Counselling, Medicine, Religious Professions, and Education.

Learning about religions means that you understand different cultures and develop a more global perspective.  Religious Studies is the ideal major for those who seek a career in non-government organizations (NGOs), non-profit organizations, government, or international corporations, where a deeper understanding of cultures is essential to furthering organizational aims and your future career.

Must I be a person of faith to study religion?
Some students and faculty within our department do practice particular religions; however, it is not a requirement nor presumption of the interest in the academic study of religion. It should be noted that all Religious Studies courses are taught academically, not seeking to persuade you, as the student, of the truth or necessity to convert to a particular religion.

How long is the ZEGU law degree programme
ZEGU law degree is a 5-year degree programme
Does the ZEGU faculty of law offer part time and block release classes?
The ZEGU law degree is offered on conventional basis only. There are no block release and part time classes. All lecturers and tutorials are compulsory
Why study law at ZEGU?
ZEGU Faculty of Law offers unique and modern optional courses like Cyber and Internet Law, Medical Law, Medical Law and Forensic Medicine, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Law, Sports and Recreation Law, Social Security Law to answer problems currently facing the globe