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Fee Structure

Click Here to view 2021 Semester 1 Fee Structure


Payment methods:

Fees may be paid at any ZB Bank branch into the following account:

Account Name        :      Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University

Branch                    :      Bindura, Zimbabwe

Account Number     :      4536 772 451 200

1. Students must quote the following details on the deposit slips: Date of payment, Student’s full name, Student’s ZEGU Registration Number. A copy of the deposit slip must be brought to the ZEGU Bursar’s Department as proof of payment.

2. Students can also make payments at the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University campus.

NB: Zimswitch payment services are now available on campus.



ZEGU Merchant Code:  *151*2*3*52131*Amount#
NB:   Keep payment confirmation message for future reference.. 

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