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ZEGU Bindura Clean-up Campaign

7/19/2018 11:24:22 AM
As part of learning and community responsibility the Department of Social Work engaged many stakeholders in a joint effort to raise awareness on environmental cleanliness and demonstrate the idea by cleaning identified hot spots for litter. The effort to engage in the clean-up exercise was inspired by the International Social Workers Day (ISWD) theme for this year. The theme for 2018 commemorations is ‘Professional Social Work, Community and Environmental Sustainability.’ It is a relevant theme as social work interventions all over the world are under siege from unstable climatic conditions accentuated by global warming which is perpetuated by unsustainable environmental activities. The clean-up joint initiative, which had an educational thrust, was carried out on Saturday 2 June 2018 in the CBD of Bindura town.
Leading by example……National Association of Social Work Students President (NASWS) ZEGU Branch, Timothy Chimwaza (in cap) prepares to help a colleague lift the metal bin to empty in the awaiting truck.


    •     Vendors interviewed recommended for more bins to be put near their vending stalls. This ensures that there is little effort needed to place litter in      the bins.
    •     General populace recommended for the municipality to regularly collect garbage to avoid pile ups.
    •     It is prudent for the clean-up campaign to be covered by various media houses including ZTV. The coverage should include clean-up activities, education activities as well as interviews. This will raise community consciousness about littering.
    •     There is need for strict enforcement of by-laws which criminalises dumping rubbish at undesignated sites.
    •     Property or business owners must provide bins along their corridors to help ease pressure on the municipality in collecting litter.
    •     Educational programmes on environmental cleanliness must be carried out relentlessly to the members of the public.

    Social Work Department Chairperson Mr Mushore poses for a photography with one of the groups of the National Association of Social Work Students (NASWS) ZEGU Branch members during the clean-up campaign in Bindura CBD.

     It is the people who cause the littering problem, and let the people solve it!!!!

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