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International Social Workers Day Commemorations

7/19/2018 11:53:37 AM


The international Social Workers Day (ISWD) is commemorated the world over. Professional Social Workers, Social work academics, Social Work students, Social Workers employers, Social Workers partners and those involved with Social Workers in the execution of their duties take time to recognise and honour the tremendous contribution the profession of Social Work has made to the improvement of the welfare of humanity. The social work practice has brought about great relief to the masses by providing evidence based interventions to ameliorate poverty and suffering. There is no doubt the profession has left indelible footprints in the humanitarian fields of poverty alleviation, disaster management and emergency relief, child protection, social services provision, community development, disability, residential homes, social deviance and rehabilitation and many other areas of critical need. The theme for 2018 commemorations was ‘Professional Social Work, Community and Environmental Sustainability.’ It is a relevant theme as social work interventions all over the world are under siege from unstable climatic conditions accentuated by global warming which is perpetuated by unsustainable environmental activities.


The ZEGU Department of Social Wok Chairperson Mr Mushore pose for a photograph with Social Work students on arrival at the MSU School of Social Work in Harare to participate in ISWD main commemorations on Friday 13th of April 2018.


The main commemorations for ISWD were held on the 13th of April 2018 at MSU school of Social Work. Participants were drawn from practising social workers, social work academics, social work students, government departments, NGOS and other stakeholders. ZEGU was represented by the Social Work Department Chairperson Mr Mushore and 7 social work students.

The day kicked off with a clean-up campaign at Copa Cabana. The participants then proceeded straight to the venue of the main commemorations. The Council of Social Workers delivered a solidarity message to all social workers in Zimbabwe. The National Association of Social Workers president launched a project on promoting positive parenting in Zimbabwe. The guest speaker Prof. Makhubele delivered his presentation focusing on the theme. The Director of Social Services delivered a keynote address on behalf of the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Hon. P. Kagonye.

Ecstatic….Social work students and Departmental Chairperson Mr Mushore are captured in a jovial mood after their successful participation in ISWD main commemorations.

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